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Hi, I am Rahul. 👋
A Designer Developer with mind of a Researcher.
With the moto of ‘Embrace Ambiguity, Discover Serendipity’, I Create surprisingly innovative experiences by deep diving into complex human lives & identifying intents & emotions behind actions & decisions.
Currently looking for Product Design opportunities. Connect at rajpurohit.lp@gmail.com


Selected Project 1
Empowering patients with clarity and compassion
Centered around the 'Humans < = > AI' theme of UXplorer’23, ALO represents a system where “Humans paired with AI excel beyond just Humans or AI". With Alo, patients and their loved ones can navigate the healthcare process with ease, receiving straightforward insights and genuine emotional support every step of the way.
By harnessing the capabilities of a Natural-Language User Interface, Alo is designed to be highly intuitive to use, effective in clearly explaining medical terms, respond empathetically based on emotional state and provide personalized assistance based on patient’s own medical records.
Alo’s has two distinct behavioral aspects :
• Doctor’s Frontman : embodies trusted proficiency associated with a medical professional.
• Patient’s Ally : embodies the genuine and nurturing reminiscent of a close friend to the patient.

Individual Project
4 Weeks

Selected Project 2
An AR-based networking platform for sculpture artists.
Through our research with sculpture artists, we discovered that 2D social networking platforms fall short in conveying the 3D essence of their artworks. This limitation leads to diminished engagement and challenges in establishing genuine connections online.
Artisan Alley provides artists with a user-friendly method to convert their sculptures into 3D artifacts using just their smartphone cameras. Once uploaded to their profiles, other users can explore the artwork in augmented reality, enabling a more authentic appreciation of the art and a genuine connection to the artist.

Classroom Project
Team of 2
6 Weeks